Betches Sup Podcast

In this weekly news and politics podcast presented by Betches Media, Betches Co-founder Sami Fishbein, News Editor Alise Morales and Senior Video Producer Bryan Russell Smith give their honest take on wtf is going on in the world. It's like getting a weekly news rundown from your funniest friend at brunch.

As a young woman who enjoys getting worked up over the news and listening to political podcasts, it is so refreshing to hear informative, poignant, funny conversations in a millennial voice like my own.
— KMinCA - Jul 20, 2018
If only the news was delivered by Sami, Bryan, and Alise then maybe America could get its sh*t together.
— Sloshinz - Aug 16, 2018
This podcast is AMAZEEEEEE. I’m absolutely obsessed. Thank goodness this podcast is around to make the news slightly bearable. I always look forward to listening!
— Rachel1083 - Aug 15, 2018


Everyone’s Gay Podcast

Everyone’s Gay is a no filter podcast by Betches Media that covers LGBTQA relationships, lifestyle, current events. Hosts Chris Burns and Bryan Russell Smith also interview various members of the community.

Hilarious, informative, relatable, and refreshing. It feels as though I am out to brunch with a few close friends!
— Jezzayy ahah - Jun 11, 2018
Admittedly, I’m late to the scene on this, but now that I’ve found you, I’m in love!! I’ve been binging Everyone’s Gay for the past week on my subway commute and its brought so much joy to my life. Chris and Bryan are so fun and real. This is a must listen. Love, love, love!!
— Milohp - Aug 16, 2018
I am slowly coming out as non heterosexual but Bryan and Chris are hilarious and I want to be friends with them.
— zellie.m - Jul 19, 2018